J and L Pups
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Jonathan Alger 
(828) 342-1602
Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers
 Indianapolis, Indiana
Available Puppies

Bella and King Louie bred in October 2017.  Twelve healthy puppies were born on December 21, 2017.  Puppies can go home on Valentines' Day, which would make a perfect gift for someone special!  Check back weekly for individual updated pictures.

*Our golden doodle puppies are not for breeding and are located in Indiana.
Puppies are ready to go home immediately!  Puppies come with a collar, folder of information, and small bag of food (if desired).
NEW PRICE: $1,200 (cash or money order only).

female with small white spot on chest and toes; (red collar with white bones).  She is one of our favorites!  She loves to cuddle and follow you around.

tan male; no markings.
 (blue collar with sparkles).  It's hard to resist that adorable nose and playful spirit!

tan male with light white chest (purple and blue collar with white paw prints). He is getting extremely curly!  Dusty loves to cuddle and run around.

male with white chest, nose, and toes (red collar with white bones).  He loves to explore and play, but he will lay on your lap and sleep as well.  

tan female; no markings.
 (blue collar with sparkles). She definitely would prefer playing over doing her photo shoot!

dark red male with no markings. (pink collar with flowers).  He loves to lay in your lap and get pets!  He is the most mellow puppy of the entire litter.









All puppies, at 8 weeks, will have 3 rounds of deworming and their 1st shot.  It is up to the buyer to take their puppy to a vet for additional needs.

Kenneling services are available in North Carolina.  On David and Jennifer's 8-acre farm, dogs will be kept in a screened and covered kennel, 1-acre fenced pasture, or in the house.  Dogs will also be socialized with other animals, as the farm consists of other dogs, chickens, and ducks, and neighboring farms have cows, horses, and cats.


Health Warranty

We do not offer training at this time but are happy to provide you with tips for your puppy's success in your home.
We DO offer a health warranty.  Check out the document under the "Application Process" tab.

It is very important that a potential buyer does research first on the breed they are interested in.  Make sure that this type of dog would fit your family, house size, and lifestyle.  For example, if you are away from home often or travel or have a small apartment with little access to yard-space or parks to exercise your dog, a large dog breed might not be the best option for you.  If you are looking for a dog as a family companion, a dog who is friendly and good with children and other animals, or a potential guide or service dog, you have come to the right place!​