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Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers
 Indianapolis, Indiana
About Us. 
Meet Our Dogs!
The Alger family has been breeding dogs since 1992, including golden retrievers, goldendoodles, St. Bernard's, and huskies.
The Alger family has over 20 years of experience breeding a variety of dogs.  The family began breeding golden retrievers and St. Bernard's when David and Jennifer first moved to North Carolina, and slowly transitioned to huskies, golden retrievers, and now golden doodles.  They really fell in love with golden retrievers for their friendly nature, easy training and obedience, and love of children.  With 3 boys to raise, David and Jennifer knew they needed dogs that would play with their children but also be protective.  Looking back, it is the best decision they could have made, as David and Jennifer now have a retriever and 2 goldendoodles, and Jonny and Lindsay have 2 retrievers as well.  The transition to also breeding goldendoodles came when buyers started looking for dogs that would shed less and not affect their allergies.  The 2 Alger families now have 6+ years of experience breeding golden doodles and have sold mulitple litters of golden doodles.  Many buyers have even come back a year or two later, asking for another puppy!
Below, meet our dogs that have made it all possible.
Abbie is a 9-year old AKC golden retriever with a fantastic personality.  Everyone who meets her comments on how friendly, well-behaved, and playful she is.  She loves to be around children and other animals and is a wonderful mother! 
Abbie is now retired. 
Alex is an AKC retriever with a beautiful red coat.  Alex loves to run around the yard and play, but he also loves to cuddle and have his belly rubbed.  
He has great facial features and strong legs with no hip problems.

King Louie
Bella is the daughter of Alex and Abbie.  She weighs approximately 55 pounds and is 2 years old. She loves to run and play fetch, but also likes to cuddle in bed at night under the covers.  She has an amazing temperament; her puppies will do wonderfully with children or as service animals.

Bella and King Louie bred in October 2017.
Louie is a 1-year-old AKC/CKC standard poodle.  He weighs approximately 45 pounds and is red with white markings.  He has a sweet temperament and loves children and other animals.  He has been proven as a stud and produces puppies with curly coats, some with similar white markings to his own.